Invitation to Contribute to the Strategy

  • All Polytechnic students and teachers
  • Polytechnic leaders, managers, Polytechnic Strategy Group (PSG)
  • Quality Assurance Team, Professional Learning Team, Learning Centre Libraries, Student Support Team, Workforce Sectors, Communications & Marketing
  • Department of Education Information Technology Services
  • Business, Industry, Community
  • Skills Tasmania

We welcome your contribution to building the Tasmanian Polytechnic eLearning Strategy for 2012-2014.

There are many ways for you to participate

Roger Stack's Blog with posts for comment on the eLearning Strategy

Ed Adventures
  • Droning On - Part 1: Introduction
    I'm going to learn how to use a drone - and blog about my journey.Immersive and interactive media are raising user expectations for a richer and more meaningful visual experience. Images and videos taken with drones are part of this change.I'...
  • Social Technologies Data Flow - Photos and Graphics
    Click to enlargePhotos and graphics is the final topic in this series of data flow / systems diagrams for our Department of Education social technologies services.Photos and graphics are captured or designed from a wide variety of sources using ma...
  • Social Technologies Data Flow - Mobile Apps
    Click to enlargeMost mobile app production is as an HTML5 'web-app'. iSpring is used as a 'rapid development tool' to output HTML5 from PowerPoint. HTML5 files are hosted at SiteGround and are accessible from all mobile devices. Apps can also be a...

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