Cloud Computing
Using externally hosted computing services available over the internet.
Digital Technologies
A range of technologies that can exchange digital information and often be accessed anywhere anytime.
A perspective that considers the whole, systems, larger contexts... in learning, learning design, strategic planning...
Applied Research
Applied research deals with solving practical problems in the messy real world.
Action Research
Action research or [[/wiki/Participatory_action_research|participatory action research]] – is a [[/wiki/Reflective_process|reflective process]] of progressive [[/wiki/Problem_solving|problem solving]] led by individuals working with others in teams or as part of a "[[/wiki/Community_of_practice|community of practice]]" to improve the way they address issues and solve problems.
More purposeful and strategic than being 'flexible'. Often more forward looking and pro-active.
Open philosophies, cultures and methods have developed from the wide use of open source software across the internet. It refers to open access to processes and products and is strongly linked with the rise of participative (social) media.
In education we speak of
Participative (or social) media refers to digital technologies and services that support dialogue, collaboration, co-creation...
Fourth Bottom Line
The Fourth Bottom Line refers to a model of corporate social responsibility where organisations endeavour to be responsible corporate citizens by encouraging a positive impact through their activities on the environment, consumers, clients, employees and communities.
Living Document
A living document or dynamic document is a document which may be continually edited and updated by either a limited or unrestricted group.
Continuous improvement
The ongoing improvement of products, services and processes. This is clearly defined for RTOs in AQTF publications.
The capacity of computer networks to carry data.
Blended learning
eLearning or the use of digital technologies and services for learning can occur solely online or in a blended online and face-to-face approach. The latter is becomming more common and is the preferred mode for learners and teachers.
Sand pit
An online space for innovation and design. These spaces are often open for collaboration and co-creation.