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Recommendations for eLearning Strategy

Background and Links

A 2010 Taskforce wrote a report Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0 about the ways in which Web 2.0 online services or 'participatory online media' can be used in government at all levels to increase engagement.

Some of the key points made were:
  • Government 2.0 or the use of the new collaborative tools and approaches of Web 2.0 offers
an unprecedented opportunity to achieve more open, accountable, responsive and efficient
  • Though it involves new technology, Government 2.0 is really about a new approach to
organising and governing. It will draw people into a closer and more collaborative relationship
with their government. Australia has an opportunity to resume its leadership in seizing these
opportunities and capturing the resulting social and economic benefits.
  • Government pervades some of the most important aspects of our lives. Government 2.0
can harness the wealth of local and expert knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm of Australians
to improve schools, hospitals, workplaces, to enrich our democracy and to improve its own
policies, regulation and service delivery.

Polytechnic 2.0?

These directions closely align with many of those outlined in the mission, values and objectives of the Polytechnic Strategic Plan. To explore this notion sections of the original report were re-written replacing the word Government 2.0 with Polytechnic 2.0. The result is a document that some believe has close parallels with the intent of the current Polytechnic Strategic Plan.

People Directions

During 2010 the Polytechnic worked collaboratively with the Tasmanian Dept. of Premier and Cabinet's People Directions Project on participative digital media initiatives. The purpose of these initiatives was to explore how participatory media can improve client service and promote innovation.

Polytechnic Participative Media Projects

In 2010 the Polytechnic Flexible Learning and Communications and Marketing teams worked collaboratively to plan, implement and evaluate a number of pilot projects using web 2.0 (social) media to engage learners, staff and the wider Polytechnic community. These included:

Although not widely publicised these pilot projects have been successful in engaging different audiences. Project briefs and evaluations are available on the Polytechnic intranet.

Participative Media for Learning

Many teachers and groups of students have used web 2.0 services to establish learning communities and for learning and teaching. For more information see Participative Media.

Government's Response to Government 2.0 Taskforce Report

See also AGIMO:The Australian Government Information Management Office


AGIMO works across government to maintain Australia’s position as a leader in the productive application of information and communications technologies to government administration, information and services. Also on this site
  • Draft Strategic Vision for the Government's Use of ICT
  • Cloud Computing Strategic Direction Paper
  • Declaration of Open Government


Recommendations for eLearning Strategy